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What are the Performance Agreements?

The Performance Agreements are financial instruments in the universities of the CRUCH. The objective is to align the institutional missions with the national and regional priorities, the universities autonomy with the public accountability, and the institutional performance with the public financing. They take part of the MECEUP 2 Program that the Chilean state will undertake in the years 2006 and 2011. 

By implementing the agreements, the sub component will contribute to the development of the project objectives, supporting and motivating the restructuration and modernization of the institutions and the development of the action change plans in the areas of national priority.

For this, it is necessary to reach a balance between the specialization and the diversification of the sector, increasing the quality, promoting more equity and bettering the efficiency and institutional management. 

Our Performance Agreement:


Social integration and academic success for the students at the Bío – Bío University.
Improving the competencies, for a greater integral development of their professional and civic conditions. 

Performance Agreement Objectives

Objective nº 1:

“Significantly reduce the desertion rate of the students at the Bío – Bío University, with special emphasis on the students social group and economic vulnerability”.


Objective nº 2:

“Reduce significantly the permanency of second year students and onwards at the Bío – Bío University, with special emphasis on their social group and economic vulnerability”.


Objective nº 3:

“Improve the levels and quality of labor insertion of the students in the Bío – Bío University”.


Objective nº 4

“Improve the formation quality of the undergraduates, by increasing the accredited programs”.



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